College of Respiratory
Therapists of Ontario



Professional Practice Guideline



November 2022


CRTO publications contain practice parameters and standards which should be considered by all Ontario Respiratory Therapists in the care of their patients/clients and in the practice of the profession. CRTO publications are developed in consultation with professional practice leaders and describe current professional expectations. It is important to note that these CRTO publications may be used by the CRTO or other bodies in determining whether appropriate standards of practice and professional responsibilities have been maintained. 

It is important to note that employers may have policies related to an RT’s ability to accept delegation to dispense medications.  If an employer’s policies are more restrictive than the CRTO’s expectations, the RT must abide by the employer’s policies.  Where an employer’s policies are more permissive than the expectations of the CRTO, the RT must adhere to the expectations of the CRTO.

The CRTO will update and revise this document every five years, or earlier if necessary. The words and phrases in bold lettering can be cross referenced in the Glossary at the end of this document.


    This Professional Practice Guideline will be updated as new evidence emerges or as practice evolves. Comments on this guideline are welcome and should be addressed to:
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